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You are never alone ………

Life in the twenty-first century continues at a pace and nothing ever seems to be the same. Over the festive period we have been inundated with requests to assist all types of good causes financially, from various very worthy Animal Charities all the way to a whole range of equally suitable Health issues.

Now that we have moved into 2015 and our eyes are turned from Television and those  interesting magazines which we do not always have the time to read under normal circumstances, reality returns to the more mundane aspects of our normal lives.  

It is at these times that we ought to take stock of what our lives do mean to each of us, there are more widowers than ever before and this trend is set to rise by a predicted 60% over the next 15 years.  Men in general often have less contact with friends and family than women of a similar age and are more likely to experience a high degree of loneliness, meaning they are more socially isolated.

Where do we go from here I hear you say, the answer could lie within easy reach by reaching out and meeting with other like minded men, you are never alone with Freemasonry.

The old conception that Freemasonry was a secret society has long since been banished; it is a society of men intent on helping others, not just Freemasons but ordinary everyday people who are in need of assistance but without the ability to find it.

One of the core principles of Freemasonry is charity, it is the second largest contributor to charities in the United Kingdom, the largest being The National Lottery. It is first to provide relief in disasters often rendering aid within 24 hours, The Air Ambulance Services are supported by Masonic donations every year, Cancer Research and so very many other worthy causes but on the local level there are a huge amount of charities who benefit from Masonic grants such as “Learning Partnerships” in North Leeds and “The Sick Children’s Trust” at Leeds General Hospital (Clarendon Wing) to name two such charities given help by Allerton Lodge based in Headingley, Leeds, during 2014.

Each Lodge has its own Lodge Almoner who looks after the needs of each lodge member on a strictly personal basis, as well as maintaining contact with the widows of former lodge members, inviting them to Dinners that may be held and sending Birthday Cards/ Christmas gifts when due.  This is perhaps where one of the myths comes into play that Freemasons look after one an other, yes they do but not in any covert way, it is all open and freely seen to be so.

Allerton Lodge can be contacted by either calling Keith on 01977 644347  or e-mail keith@vistca.co.uk if you would like to know more about Freemasonry.