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Allerton Lodge No3047

Centenary Photograph

Allerton  Lodge No 3047.

 1904 to the Present day

Following the consecration of the lodge in October 1904 progress was steady and Allerton Lodge was considered one of the largest in province. There was a constant list of candidates waiting to join and the room being used in the Mansion House some what restricted.  

Following the end of the second  World War and the return of members to the lodge it was thought that the Lodge should consider founding a Daughter Lodge and in July 1945 a petition was  prepared and signed.  The new Lodge was named “Thanksgiving” to signify thanksgiving for the blessings of peace.

The new Lodge was consecrated on March 19th 1946 with no less than 16 of the Founders being Past Masters of Allerton.

On 27th September 1954 Allerton Lodge met at 3.15pm to celebrate 50 years since its foundation. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master in charge of the Province V.W.Bro Henry Clifford Smith. JP, P.G.D. Was present together with 11 Grand and Provincial Officers, there were 42 other visitors recorded.

Congratulations abounded, justly Allerton had the acclaim of perfection for its presentation of Emulation Ritual.

The Festive Board was a seven course dinner, food rationing had only ceased a year or so previously.

In January 2000 following the increase in statutory regulation in particular Health and Safety, an issue arose with our room at the Mansion House, there was no Fire Exit, and access was along narrow passages.

A meeting was held with the Proprietors “Gilpins” who did not want to lose the business but they would not install the necessary fire precautions required to make the Temple a safe place. Various offers were made but none were considered suitable.  After further meeting and discussions the decision was made to move from the Mansion House, the choice being either Castle Grove or The Allerton both close to the Mansion House.  It emerged that the venue was less important to the brethren than the night on which Allerton Lodge meet, only Castle Grove could offer Monday meetings although our Regular Lodge would have to move from the fourth Monday in each month to the third Monday.

Monday 15th November 2004 the brethren of Allerton Lodge No 3047 assembled  together with the Provincial Grand Master of Yorkshire West Riding R.W.J Trevor Broadley, on the steps outside the main temple in Castle Grove when the photograph shown opposite was taken.

The Centenary of Allerton Lodge proved to be the only recorded instance of no apologies for absence being recorded at a regular meeting of the lodge.